Welcome to my world: a night with Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode – May 28th 2013 / O2 Arena – London

The important thing is not the destination but the journey” could be a very appropriate saying for the trip to get to this gig!

southbank london

As you’ve probably realized I like London and I really like to lose myself walking around. That’s why I decided to walk from Piccadilly Circus toward the arena (fully aware that i couldn’t get to the arena in time for the gig just by walking).

So I went through Charing Cross Station (which always reminds me of a hospital), crossed the river on the Hungerford Bridge, and arrived in one of my fav areas of the city: Southbank.

It’s not only Tate Modern (which is close but actually in Bankside). On sunny days lots of people come here to walk, run, skate, take the sun, visit the second hand book market on the river and during the weekend the real food market.

Maybe it’s because of the river…I don’t know, I’ve always loved this area. The Royal National theatre, the raw cement modern buildings, the wheel, the tv centre. But yeah, mostly the river.

I had a coffe at the BFI cafe…a nice place where I surely would organise business meetings to impress my clients talking about odd film retrospectives scheduled there.

Then I walked along the river to London Bridge Station to take the tube to the arena. But not before a quick break for a beer by the river.

From the recent past to the next future: that’s the impression taking one of the most recent tube lines in London (the Jubilee line extention) and arriving at North Greenwich Station, approximately 150m (and lots of escalators) from The O2.

Depeche mode o2 arena london may 2013

It was my first gig at the O2 Arena and the first ever DM gig. I usually prefer more intimate show, but I doubt Depeche Mode would agree to play just for me and few people. So after I collected the wristband for a vip area where can drink more comfortably, had a beer, and been informed that the show was going to start, I went into the arena and let the show begin!

A classic Dave Gahan in a pinstripe jacket (with his inseparable coordinated vest, which will be shown later, tattoos included) and his partners, Andy Fletcher and (not my fav member of course) Martin Gore both in leather jacket (seriously?? after 30 years of live show, you can still be surprised by how sweat you can be after just the third chord?).

Anyway I don’t care, my attention has been all for Dave. I’ve start to love him in my 14, while my friends were drooling over Take That and he was nearly dying from an overdose. I’ve always believed that “Do you mean this horny creep set upon weary feet looks in need of sleep that doesn’t come” (the barrel of a gun incipit) comes from his wake up from dead. Apparently it’s just an italian legend. But I grew up with this belief and I still want to believe it!

In my ecstatic state I wasn’t able to take any pictures of the gig and as always I went home regretting it!

Anyway more than 2 hours of about 30 years of music, from Speak and Spell (1981) to Delta Machine (2013). A massive, bright, colourful, electro and 80s trash dressed show, where the expectations of superfans were completely fulfilled. And I’m sure that even who was there by chance would have broken sweat at the end of the show! How could you avoid rapid and compulsive movements of the shoulder during a question of time or get enough of just can’t get enough?

(But after 23 years are we sure we still need enjoy the silence? My only remark for the whole show).

I will never let you down again, Dave. I promise. Forgive me!

Thanks to the perfect organisation that England always gives to music lovers, after the gig still with the tears in my eyes, I was able to take the tube with plenty of time and without trying to kill someone to avoid missing the last train or be stranded for the night in one of the creepiest parts of London.

Check out the setlist and my playlist on deezer:

  1. Welcome to My World
  2. Angel
  3. Walking in My Shoes
  4. Precious
  5. Black Celebration
  6. Policy of Truth
  7. Should Be Higher
  8. Barrel of a Gun
  9. Higher Love
  10. When the Body Speaks
  11. Heaven
  12. Soothe My Soul
  13. A Pain That I’m Used
  14. A Question of Time
  15. Secret to the End
  16. Enjoy the Silence
  17. Personal Jesus
  18. Goodbye


  1. Home
  2. Halo
  3. Just Can’t Get Enough
  4. I Feel You
  5. Never Let Me Down Again

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