The art of planning in advance

The art of planning in advance is not really my cup of tea. I love to plan travel, to find out what to do, where to go and so. My problem is booking!

I always envy the ability of Brits to book holidays in advance. They can easily do this obscure practise even 1 year before! Even more sometimes. If you can book a flight so early, you should thanks Brits.

I’ve never been able to book anything in advance, even when it was totally clear where and when to go ages before. For example Christmas time in Sicily. Every time I book a Milan-Palermo flight, for the same amount I should easily go to New York. No joke, and it’s also a bloody ryanair flight, not even an Emirates!

I think my mind cannot recognize that habit. It’s a natural defense against the struggling of something so far away. I cannot stay calm and relaxed thinking about I already know I have to go somewhere, but not now!

But my friends love to plan. To always know exactly when and where. And they probably have a busy life, so they can keep on doing things without longing so much.

But not me. I’m in here now

thinking about leaving for this

planning in advance secret beach

on a rainy day like this

unkknown milan

4 months…I just can’t do it!

I hate to plan in advance so badly!!!

Travel the world in a belly

It’s been a while since my last post and actually, little sweetheart still in my belly, you’ve been on more fights than mummy in her first 18th. You’re traveling so much while in m belly.Time square New York


Our first time in New York, which of course will need a more extensive post rather than a recap!

(Sightseeing in Time Square)



Regent Canal London


You’ve been belly-carried in London for your “first” visit of the city, discovering new amazing spots in east London and more.

(technical trials on the Regents Canal)


And what about your first sniff to our amazing sicilian sea?  Trapani Sicily (Torre di Ligny, Trapani promenade – photo courtesy of my brother in law)

Not to mention the gigs you already attended in just 7 months before to come out, which include a double gig of Noel Gallagher, one at the O2Arena in our beloved London town!

Now for a little bit, we’ve to stay quiet and no flights are allowed after the 27th week, blimey! But I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun…maybe it’s finally time to develop the (re)discovering Milan session!

New York: my first time

Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today: I want to be a part of it, New York, New York (Thanks to Frank Sinatra, John Kander and Fred Ebb for the incipit!)

This year I’m traveling mainly chasing friends who are getting married around the world! But I have to admit it’s not too bad in the end.

I’ve got a new destination for this december, but unfortunately I cannot spend all my holidays there. It will be

my 75 hours in New York!

75 hours in New-York
I’ve never been in NYC and I’m so excited. There will be so much to do so quickly. I could plan every little detail before to leave, but there will be a little lack in charm of discovery. But on the other side no plans mean go round and round, no destination and the risk to loose too much. I’m struggling!!

I was having a look at what to do in NY and I had the impression of having been there before, like something I already know. I mean, I grew up with plenty of music coming from America, movies and series set in New York. We’re truly influenced by the american cultures and fads.

So, beside the classical unmissable spots (let’s say ESB, Statue of Liberty, &co), what do you reckon it cannot be missed in NYC? I really need help!

Que viva Mexico / Take me there

Que viva Mexico! is a 1930 russian movie I didn’t ever see, but it’s a title I heard since I was a child. I always think about it every time someone mentions MEXICO!

One of the reason I’d like to visit Mexico maybe linked with my wish to visit all the Americas as soon as I can! Accidentally, it’s the continent I’ve visited most (after Europe).

Maybe Mexico is tempting me because I always wanted to become an archeologist.

Or maybe just because it’s a country full of history and contradictions where modernity and legends are inextricably combined. But let’s see what it can offer properly:


How a place where not everything has been discovered yet, could not attract me??? Not all the Maya ruins has been found.  So lots of explorers visit this place every year looking for the next amazing discover! Palenque, one of the most famous Maya site, is in there:


(courtesy of: Yoann Jezequel)

Also Chapas is the land of one of my revolutionary hero the Subscomandante Marcos, who fights for the rights of the indigenous of Mexico.


Cliffs rising between 50 and 90 meters from the valley below, white rock formations which look like waterfalls. These formations are created by the deposit of excess of minerals from fresh water, like stalactites process. AWESOME, Cascada de hierve:

Cascada de Hierve el Agua

(courtesy of: Nathan Gibbs)

and while you’re around, what about some surf at Puerto Escondido?

(courtesy of: rpm surfer)

Aside from the biggest cities (very big: Mexico City 19,982,000, Guadalajara 4,365,000, Monterrey 3,986,000) I’ll appreciate to find the beauty in Mexico in those beautiful, colorfull and lively small villages:

Guanajuato: once it was a silver mines area, now is a charming colonial-era city. The historic center (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) has a distinct European taste, thick of callejones that run up and down the hillside.

Janitzio: a little island on the Pátzcuaro Lake with a “cozy” name: “where it rains”. A stunning view can be found on its highest point “Callejones de Janitzio“.

San Francisco de Campeche: a coastal colonial town with its naval history. As many other mexican cities, the city centre recalls the Spanish Baroque architecture. A place that Caribbean Pirates loved to scare in the past.

mexico cities

(courtesy of: Vazquez,  Daniel Telles)

And in the end, maybe a bit of relax at Playa del Carmen wouldn’t be bad at all!

(courtesy of: )

Arranging such a big trip, it’s not only time consuming, but also a bit difficult without the right hints. I think it would be useful to rely on a travel professional, in order to optimize all the needed resources in terms of time and money.

I found FIRST CHOICE platform very informative and easy to use. I think it will be a good travel partner to organize all my movements around the country.

( Maps of the places included in this post)