Argentinian Chronicles: back to Buenos Aires (infographics)

Argentinian Chronicles are back! It’s been a while since my last post…actually I had to set up a bit my life in a non nomadic way: job, city, mood swap!

But I kept on traveling for small trip, especially mountains of course…it’s winter sports time! 

Anyway, I just realized I didn’t write a proper post about Buenos Aires (except from this). And it’s been very surprising! The occasion for this epiphany has been the planning for my next trip: Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Punta del Est for a very special occasion: friends’ wedding!

 So BUENOS AIRES, here I come!

beer in buenos aires argentina pic

(cold beer served in chilled glasses… it’s impossible not to love this city)

Taking some inspiration from one of my fav travel blog (nuok), I’ve found some unmissable places I would like to discover:

The Almagro: where you can find Passaggio del Filete and the house of Carlos Gardel (one of the most important cantor porteño). An entire blok filled with amazing mural painting (the filete). Tango, señor!

Shopping Abasto (Almagro): not for the shopping but for the marvelous original structure from the old Abasto market.

Jardin Botanico Carlos Thais (Palermo): there’s no need to describe it!

 And of course, I couldn’t ever forget argentinian food:

Empanadas at Pedro Telmo (San Telmo): well no, this time i’m not going to Famaillà but for sure the sweet old lady who owns this very particular bar will worth another (maybe even more then one) visit! Her empanadas are legend-(wait for it)-ARY! (at the Barney Stinson way :D). I could live in BA just to go there every sunday morning, no matter what. I’m not joking.

Pan Dulce at Plaza Mayor (Monserrat): pan dulce is a very typical argentinian Christmas dessert (it should be something similar to Italian panettone) and according to local chronicles, the one at Plaza Mayor Restaurant is the best in town. We’ll check, it’s available even off-season.

Pizza al molde at pizzeria Las Cuartetas: (Microcentro): this is a kind of pizza, thick and soft rather than thin and crispy. I think it would be like tastes of home as it can be similar to sfincione palermitano. I’ll keep you posted!

I’ll be there with the loveofmylife, of course, and 2 special guest who have never been there before. So for sure I’m going to see again some of the amazing places I’ve already been.

I think the best way to travel around such a big city is the tourist doubledecker bus, where you can just seat and enjoy a visit from the top of the bus or get off and on in every different place you like for a whole day. Here’s the route we followed last year:

buenos aires bus infographics

There are also a couple of places I want to visit during this trip: Minton’sAbraxas Discos and Exiles Records. Yes, record shops, but it’s not just about buying music…a brand new project is coming:

#RecoRdShop / Argentinian edition

Stay tuned!

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