Argentinian chronicles: the beginning

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There’s more than tango, Maradona, polo, empanadas and asado.

When you’re on a long trip, after the first shy moments, you would probably start to chat with people around you, sharing experiences and travel tips.

The first questions (after the weather, almost every chat with a stranger usually starts with weather complaints) an argentinian will surely ask are: why are you in Argentina and why you choose Argentina as a destination, while looking at you with an inquisitive face like “how did she know where Argentina is?” as if we were talking about the Lost island.

They perfectly know how beautiful the country is and how many interesting things there are (as they will usually point out later, from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia or Iguazù) but they still consider a bit strange when someone faces such a long trip to go there! I don’t think an italian would ever ask you why are you visiting Italy…we already know it!

Anyway the first one was easy: leisure trip. The second was very difficult the first times, but become easier once I’ve understood what the reaction would be!
I was in Argentina with my husband for our honey moon and apparently Argentina is not often considered a honeymoon destination and so everyone was very surprised by the choice.

For me it was just the natural realisation of a dream as i always wanted to visit south america (Argentina above all) since I was very young, but didn’t have enough time or enough money at the same time to do it! Best chance, best moment. Got it!

We chose not to follow the instinct and “rent a car and whatever happens we’ll see” as we had time but not really all the time in the world and would like something like an adventure trip but not too stressful (it was a honey moon, anyway). So after a quick look at different travel agencies, a friend of us suggested an agency who works directly on site:

la tierra como solia ser(the land as it was, very suggestive name) based in Buenos Aires and supported by different local agencies. They’ve provided us the best experience we could ever expect!

They were able to propose an itinerary with knowing nothing about us except we were on honey moon. And they did an excellent job organising a perfect tour of Argentina.

The main reason to choose an agency could be:
– organization advice
– time saving
– providing information, services and help in every place

argentina agency tips

For the same time saving reason we chose to fly with one of the two national airlines from city to city and to remove the north part of the country (Mendoza, Salta, Cordoba) originally included by the agency, preferring to spread those days to the other destinations and to have some days off now and then (with no excursions planned), and to save of bit of adventure spirit!

We travelled during the summer (from mid Dec to mid Jan). That means very hot in the north (20°C/40°C) and temperate in the south (0°C/20°C).

This has been (more or less) our trip: argentina640

This is not just a travel diary to let you know how amazing a trip to Argentina is, but also to try to give you some advice on how to face the trip with a few simple tricks and tips! You can find here some help on how to read the blog.

Enjoy the trip!


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