Argentinian food: time to eat | Empanadas Recipe

Argentinian food is not just asado! Despite you’ll find a grill in every restaurant around the country, you can also discover different specialities in every region. But there are two dishes you can be sure to meet in every place you visit: a dessert with dulche de leche and Empanadas.

It seems they arrived in Argentina with the Portuguese, but their origins can be found in Moorish Iberia and in India (like the samosa). They look like italian calzone also. So although it’s not very clear where they come from, I think it could be a mix of different cuisines. And a very good mix actually!

Basically there are two main styles: baked (Salta-style) or fried (Tucuman-style).

The dough recipe is almost the same in every place. But you may find many variations in the filling depending on the province.

These are my favourite (and most common around Patagonia): baked and with spiced meat. argentinian empanadas recipe

Famaillà (The National Capital of the Empanada) in the Tucumán Province, hosts the National Empanada Festival every September. There is also a place called empanadrónomo where the festival takes place. Don’t you think it could be like the heaven?

Now that i’ve found it, I think that my next visit to Argentina could accidentally be on September!

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    • thanks Monica. Yes, they’re delicious!! I’m going to Argentina in a week and I’m so excited to taste it again 🙂

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