Take me there!

I love to dream! And for me the best is to dream about travelling: discover the new, visit amazing places, meeting cultures, savouring tastes.

Jay Fleck 2

(credit to: astonishing Jay Fleck illustration)

Take me there is my new column, because a bucket list is not enough. I need to dream bigger and bigger. So let’s play with my dreams and the places I’d like to visit soon.

There’s no place like home: The Traveler’s Dilemma

I didn’t relocate very often during my life. I used to live in the same place for almost 20 years. 10 and 2 in some others. Just couple of months here and there. But cyclically I think to move to some new places, for work reasons or just to change something in my life. Or to change it completely!

It happens that I use to feel homesick when I left my everyday life, for a while. Even if we’re talking about leaving Milan (mixed blessing).

But there are some places where, since I land, I can feel like home. Like never left. For this reason I always face what I call “The Traveler’s Dilemma“: discovering the new VS coming back to places you love! Well, I just discovered, this is an economic theory (like the prisoner’s dilemma) but mine is different :). It’s always a bit difficult for me when I have to arrange a trip, without a proper reason to travel (the main reason for my long trips this year has been WEDDINGS, mostly), to combine my discovering attitude with the sense of peace and comfort that home can give you.

Here is where I can find HOME:

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Argentinian Chronicles: back to Buenos Aires (infographics)

Argentinian Chronicles are back! It’s been a while since my last post…actually I had to set up a bit my life in a non nomadic way: job, city, mood swap!

But I kept on traveling for small trip, especially mountains of course…it’s winter sports time! 

Anyway, I just realized I didn’t write a proper post about Buenos Aires (except from this). And it’s been very surprising! The occasion for this epiphany has been the planning for my next trip: Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Punta del Est for a very special occasion: friends’ wedding!

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