Panama City: how to survive

Landing at Panama City airport (Tocumen International) let you immediately get into the panamanian mood where the contradictions are more than a way of living.

Outside the airport you can find taxis who will get you into the city in about 20 minutes or more than 2 hours! The journey time in Panama City is totally erratic because of the traffic. Sure enough it’s the busiest city I’ve ever visited. Continue reading

Day trip in San Blas: meet the Kuna

When I was informed about our day trip in San Blas, I thought about some beaches, sand, palm and blue sea. Not that I was against things like that, but maybe the idea to wake up at 5 wasn’t really my cup of tea on holiday.

Anyway I started to look for some information about the place and i found that San Blas Islands is an archipelago with approximately 378 islands, most of them not inhabited. Seriously? 378 islands are not very easy to figure.

archipelago san blas map Continue reading

Surfing in Bocas del Toro: my first wave and Isla Bastimentos

Second day in Bocas del Toro we decided to have surf class and for me it was the first time with a board under my feet on the waves.

Thankfully no pics has been taken so the only witness could be LoveOfMyHeart, his bro, a couple of English who were having class with us, the teacher (he was the one who deserved some pics :D) and a very cute little local boy, Iddy (or something similar), who used to surf almost everyday after school…what a lucky boy!

But this was during the afternoon. In the morning, we rent a boat with its boatman…well actually in Bocas is more like taking a water taxi rather then rent a boat. Anyway the taxi brought us at the beautiful Continue reading