Argentinian Chronicles: Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens

Jardin Japones buenos aires

On the way to Puerto Iguazù we had a couple of hours stop over at the Buenos Aires domestic airport (Jorge Newbery). There wasn’t time enough to plan some visit to a museum or to reach the city centre, so we decided to go to the Japanese Gardens, which were just behind the airport. It was a very sunny day so we had 30 minutes walk to there.

jardin japones buenos aires

Since 1967 this garden has replaced a smaller one which was in Retiro and it’s probably a bit touristy (there’s also an entrance fee to pay). But it’s a very nice place where to spend some hours in a very Japanese atmosphere and tranquility.

In the garden you’ll find a cultural centre, a restaurant, a bonsai greenhouse, and lots of typical Japanese plants, such as sakurakatsuramomiji and azalea. There’s a central lake crossed by the Divine Bridge (traditionally representing entry into Heaven) and it’s populated with very big and ugly carp!

You’ll find also a typical Japanese Peace Bell:

Japanese peace bell jardin japones buenos aires

We had lunch in the japanese restaurant inside the garden. Very nice and good food, even if a bit expensive for the BA average.

As you know i’ve never been to Japan, so i’m usually very interested in all the Japanese stuff you can find all over the world, just waiting to be surprised by this awesome country!

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