Welcome to my world: a night with Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode – May 28th 2013 / O2 Arena – London

The important thing is not the destination but the journey” could be a very appropriate saying for the trip to get to this gig!

southbank london

As you’ve probably realized I like London and I really like to lose myself walking around. That’s why I decided to walk from Piccadilly Circus toward the arena (fully aware that i couldn’t get to the arena in time for the gig just by walking). Continue reading

David Bowie is… in my suitcase / exhibition at Victoria and Albert museum, London

If you want a very good excuse to go to London, here you are:

Hosted by the Victoria and Albert museum, it’s a full immersion in Bowie’s lifes and attitudes showing not only what Bowie has given to this world but also what the world gave to him to become what he represents.

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Glastonbury Festival 2013: Getting there from abroad

Oh my God…and now how I can get to Glastonbury from abroad???

Glastonbury is a very small town in Somerset, 30 miles south of Bristol. I wouldn’t be really surprised to find it in the middle of nowhere!

It could be the perfect door to Cornwall, which is definitely a place in my bucket list. I’ve been to England so many times, I also lived there for a while visiting so many places. But for some odd reason I’ve never been able to go to Cornwall, despite all my efforts! And apparently this will not be the moment even! Next time, maybe.

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Glastonbury Festival 2013: how to decide where to stay

Now it’s time to properly plan the experience!

Before booking the flight i decided to plan WHERE TO STAY at Glastonbury in order to understand how many days I need before and after the festival.

Glasto is very well known to be one of the wettest (and muddiest) festivals, probably because it’s very early in summer (end of june) or maybe just because it’s in England!

If you want to live the full festival experience you should stay in the festival area; so hotel, b&b or houses in town are excluded! Camping spot is included in every ticket…so let’s camp! You just need to decide how to.

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