Travel storytelling: how to combine discovering and writing

Every time I start a new trip I always promise myself to daily (almost) update my adventure on the blog. The travel storytelling should be the aim of every travel blogger in the end.
I usually travel with my mac or at least with some of my devices to achieve the goal, but as you can see I usually fail the aim and all I’ve got in the end is some pics on Instagram and some updates on Everplaces.

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Glastonbury Festival 2013: an app to not get lost!

The gates are officially opened now! You’re almost there, ready to have fun.

But how can you make sure not to miss your fav artists and find where you’ve camped with about 70 stages, however many tents, 150,000 people, a site the size of 550 football pitches, and after a few beers?

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Glastonbury Festival 2013: how to decide where to stay

Now it’s time to properly plan the experience!

Before booking the flight i decided to plan WHERE TO STAY at Glastonbury in order to understand how many days I need before and after the festival.

Glasto is very well known to be one of the wettest (and muddiest) festivals, probably because it’s very early in summer (end of june) or maybe just because it’s in England!

If you want to live the full festival experience you should stay in the festival area; so hotel, b&b or houses in town are excluded! Camping spot is included in every ticket…so let’s camp! You just need to decide how to.

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How to plan your travel to Argentina

Argentinian backpack

Argentina is vast, impressive and unforgettable. Everytime you think you’ve seen the most amazing thing ever, you’ll find another even better surprise: different landscapes, territories, towns, animals, and wonders of nature at almost every corner.

Do you like penguins? don’t miss the Peninsula Valdes (Province of Chubut). Are you amazed by massive pieces of ice? Perito Moreno is what you’re looking for (Provincia de Santa Cruz). Are you feeling incomplete without skiing at the end of the world once in the lifetime? Then the Tierra del Fuego is the place for you. Is water your element? You couldn’t have enough of it at Puerto Iguazù.

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