Glastonbury Festival 2013: Getting there from abroad

Oh my God…and now how I can get to Glastonbury from abroad???

Glastonbury is a very small town in Somerset, 30 miles south of Bristol. I wouldn’t be really surprised to find it in the middle of nowhere!

It could be the perfect door to Cornwall, which is definitely a place in my bucket list. I’ve been to England so many times, I also lived there for a while visiting so many places. But for some odd reason I’ve never been able to go to Cornwall, despite all my efforts! And apparently this will not be the moment even! Next time, maybe.

get to glastonbury from abroad by flight The closest airport is Bristol. You’ll find direct bus to the venue from there. There are also other airports around there, but considering they’re pretty small and not receiving flights from all over Europe, that could be difficult to reach it without changing somewhere.

get to glastonbury from abroad by bus There’s nothing to do: the English really like festivals and take them very seriously. That’s why the most important British coach company has organized an extensive network of transports from every dark corner of the kingdom! Find your city, check the timetable and book your tickets.

get to glastonbury from abroad by car

Well you will surely be able to go there with car (or van). But REALLY? They drive the opposite of any other country that has narrowly escaped colonisation! In any case, if you’re brave enough you can find instruction here.

get to glastonbury from abroad by bike They also suggest getting there by bike as they’re very committed on reducing CO2 emission, and there are two organisations which provide special tours, facilities and stuff for bikers. I’m clearly too lazy even to consider it as an option!

Considering all the opportunities and balancing them with time and prices, I’ve decided to fly to London on Thursday evening, spend a night in one of my fav cities ever and take the bus from Victoria Coach Station on Friday morning. And in just 3 half and hours the fun will start!

I can’t wait!!!

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