Glastonbury 2013: so the story begin (day 1)

Glastonbury is huge and massive! No other words can describe it.

You understand that immediately. When you get there (by coach, by bus or whatever) at some point in the middle of the English country side (aka nowhere), you find a big coloured area full of tents, flags, people and stages!

Glastonbury festival 2013 landscape

Everything is being shot by the tv this year (about 250 of tv coverage by the BBC). From the moment you arrive, you’re surrounded by cameramen and reporters. So smile and say hallo to mum!

Now you just need to collect a wristband and you’re there. A bit stoned by the trip, carrying heavy backpacks and cans of beers. A reporter asked me if my 20 cans was the essential. Yeah it was, for the first day.

Essential glastonbury 2013

You can camp almost everywhere even very close to the stages, as far it’s allowed at least. Unpack your stuff and you’re ready to rock!

the pyramid stage at glastonbury 2013

Despite all the directions, it’s not very easy to find the stages you would get to, so you have two choices:
– struggling to jump from one stage to another like a whirligig
– or just follow the river of people. Get inside the crowd and follow the tunes!

That’s how you can discover an unknown Cornwall band playing in a little gazebo (the 3 draft monkeys) and dance with their irish-ish music for 20 minutes, while you’re en rout to Seasick Steve gig.

Or meet a very rude Thom Yorke dressed like a gravedigger and annoyed by everything around him! (I think Thom that a music festival with 177.000 visitors it’s not really a place where to go to find some peace!)

Anyway, you realise that to see and hear everything you’ve planned (even with a very detailed plan and framing perfectly all schedules) is beyond human ability. Too much music, the distances between the stages, the random meetings, some beers, the sun, the crowd…everything is against the manic planners! So rather than have a heart attack, take a breath, get your boots on and let the music play!

First day line-up:
Jake Bugg
Local Natives
Miles Kane
Tame Impala
The Vaccines
3 Draft Monkeys
Dinosaurs Jr
Seasick Steve
Arctic monkeys

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