Glastonbury Festival 2013: how to decide where to stay

Now it’s time to properly plan the experience!

Before booking the flight i decided to plan WHERE TO STAY at Glastonbury in order to understand how many days I need before and after the festival.

Glasto is very well known to be one of the wettest (and muddiest) festivals, probably because it’s very early in summer (end of june) or maybe just because it’s in England!

If you want to live the full festival experience you should stay in the festival area; so hotel, b&b or houses in town are excluded! Camping spot is included in every ticket…so let’s camp! You just need to decide how to.

Adventure mode: buy your tent (a very good one, don’t be stingy or you will pay it in terms of mud and water), get there at least on Thursday (it’s better on Wed when the gates usually open) in order to find a good spot according to your needs (family area if you have children with you or if you simply don’t like to be harassed by people doing odd stuff close to your tent). Then you’re ready: all you need now is to pitch your tent and have fun (and put a mark of recognition on your tent if you want to find it in the night after “some” beers). Where the hell is my tent?

glastonbury where to stay

(from: hooting and howling)

Lazy mode: rent a tent, a campervan, a caravan, a yurt or a tipi. In short, something already placed there by someone else! So you can simply arrive (even on friday, if you’re so busy), find your hut, put your stuff inside and get ready for the music!

Renting is a bit expensive (and i’m not mentioning the luxury yurts and tipis package which are really expensive!) and they’re quite fully booked since January.

But especially if you come from abroad and have to consider the cost of buying a (very) good tent and carrying stuff on the plane, bus and train, it may be convenient to rent something!

That’s why after very long research we found a nice and affordable solution like this:

glastonbury where to stay yurt and squrt


So basically we’re going to live in the smurfs village for 4 days! But at least if it will heavily rain we should hopefully avoid it:

Glastonbury festival

(from: this is all one world)

Camping areas are awesome and you can find lots of nice people around you, ready to help you, especially if they find out you’re a foreigner who comes there just to enjoy the festival. The usual welcome is “oh, Italy? REALLY? and did you come just for the festival? REALLY?” Apparently visitors from abroad are very appreciated!

You will also find lots of drunk people, not always nice but funny at least! Just bear in mind that everyone want to have fun, even if you can’t understand the point, sometime.

And the camp will quickly turn into a rubbish tip, making it impossible to reach even the sinks (and i’m avoiding to mention the toilette).

Your adaptability is important as much as your raincoat and boots!

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  1. Glastonbury – how I’d like to go there. I lived several years in UK and still never found the time to go. I hope I will be able to make it there one day. Have an amazing time and I wish you won’t get your tent flooded.

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