Glastonbury Festival 2013: an app to not get lost!

The gates are officially opened now! You’re almost there, ready to have fun.

But how can you make sure not to miss your fav artists and find where you’ve camped with about 70 stages, however many tents, 150,000 people, a site the size of 550 football pitches, and after a few beers?

Here you go: The Glastonbury official mobile app

glastonbury festival 2013 mobile official app

“the ultimate festival guide in your pocket!”

Now you can see the line-ups and get real-time festival updates. You have interactive maps with navigation tools and, the most important, you can identify your position and save different locations. Are you struggling for an easy way to find your tent in a million, whatever state you may be in? Forget about flags or signs: save your tent on the app and bob’s your uncle: you’ll never get lost!

I’m very good at finding directions and places, so this will not be my fav feature. If you’re a music lover, what will make you love this app is that you can create your personal festival schedule and share your plans with your friends. I’ve already planned mine but unless I receive the gift of ubiquity in the next two days, I will surely miss most of them. But anyway, everyone knows that Glastonbury is not only about the music. I’ll try to do my best to follow my schedule, but i’m sure i’ll be not disappointed to follow random tunes in the air.

I’m counting down the hours till friday! See you there.

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