How to prepare Sushi Rice / Japanese Food

I’ve never been to Japan. But it’s in my top 5 places to visit asap, now that Argentina has been ticked.

I’ve always had a deep adoration for Japanese culture so I started to read about customs and habits and now I appreciate not only sushi but also various other dishes.

Anyway not having had the chance to visit the country yet, my experience is just focused on what the Japanese kitchen means for Europeans. So I’m not sure if what I’m eating can be considered as authentic cooking, but I like it anyway. And I like to cook it by myself also!

After several attempts I’ve improved my skills on cooking sushi rice (half of a successful sushi). This is my recipe:

  sushi rice recipe infographics

This rice must be consumed within 24 hours and it is suitable for all types of sushi (maki, nigiri, chirasi, temaki, gunkan) or sashimi.

And this has been the result:

Sushi rice recipe

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