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What’s in the suitcase?

There are very stressfull periods when all you need is to escape, even just for a few days. A weekend at least.

There are also times when you go round and round like a whirligig: airport, station, bus. No time to breath. Many little moviments from one point to another.

That’s a suitcase on the sofa. A sofa full of racing clothes ready to fill the last space left before the departure, no matter the destination: extra luxury hotels where get pampered or taverns welcoming like home.

The important is the journey, not the destination, isn’t it? And that’s what I tell you with my tips&tricks to face any situation.


I’m italian, I’m living between Italy and Switzerland and I usually  leave pieces of heart in every place i travel (the largest one is still in England).

Music, new techology and travel are my passions and I’m glad when they occasionally collide!

I’ve been lucky enough to work into the music business and social media, so the travel blog is the last ambition to achieve.

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