The art of planning in advance

The art of planning in advance is not really my cup of tea. I love to plan travel, to find out what to do, where to go and so. My problem is booking!

I always envy the ability of Brits to book holidays in advance. They can easily do this obscure practise even 1 year before! Even more sometimes. If you can book a flight so early, you should thanks Brits.

I’ve never been able to book anything in advance, even when it was totally clear where and when to go ages before. For example Christmas time in Sicily. Every time I book a Milan-Palermo flight, for the same amount I should easily go to New York. No joke, and it’s also a bloody ryanair flight, not even an Emirates!

I think my mind cannot recognize that habit. It’s a natural defense against the struggling of something so far away. I cannot stay calm and relaxed thinking about I already know I have to go somewhere, but not now!

But my friends love to plan. To always know exactly when and where. And they probably have a busy life, so they can keep on doing things without longing so much.

But not me. I’m in here now

thinking about leaving for this

planning in advance secret beach

on a rainy day like this

unkknown milan

4 months…I just can’t do it!

I hate to plan in advance so badly!!!

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