Snowboarding day in Andermatt

I’ve never been in a snowy place like Andermatt!

The first time I’ve been there was Christmas 2011: it snowed so much during the week that I was only able to go the slopes 2 or 3 days as there was too much snow for my low snowboarding level..well I like snowboarding but i’m a bit lazy so I prefer not to run the risk of being stuck in the middle of nowhere covered with snow till the bellybutton!

There was so many snow that i couldn’t stop to take photos of it all:

Last sunday morning me and some friends of mine decided to go to again to Andermatt, as we were sure we would find good snow. And we weren’t disappointed at all!

To reach Andermatt it’s very easy: take the highway E35 (through the Gotthard tunnel if you’re coming from Tessin) and with just 10 minutes of curves you’re up there!

There’s also a very comfortable train which will leave you just at the start of the Nätschen slopes (or you can continues to Sedrun).

The ski resort is huge! In the GOTTHARD OBERALP ARENA everyone can find what they’re looking for! It offers a wide range of slopes for every standard:

andermatt slopes map switzerland ski snowboarding

There are two main lifts: the Gemmstock (2.963m) and the Nätschen-Gutsch (2.344m) but they’re not linked, still.

The Gemmstock is a heaven for the free-riders as there are lots of unbeatable slopes very easy to reach. It’s usually a bit less sunny than the Nätschen side. You can go up there directly from the car park at the entrance of the town: buy your skipass, take the lift and in less then 30 minutes (it depends on the queue) you’ll be at almost 3.000m.

gemmstock andermatt switzerland snowboarding

If it’s a sunny day, The  Nätschen will be light till the late afternoon and the slopes are a bit bigger and easier then Gemmstock, but it’s usually more busy.

Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn Andermatt Sedrun Snowboarding photos tips&tricks

On a sunny day it’s very beautiful. Obviously you can take the train even without ski or snowboard and can have some rest in the huts you’ll find during the journey.

matterhorn gotthard bahn andermatt swiss train  (source: loamvalley)

Every skipass includes skiing in the neighbouring area of Oberalp/Sedrun, as well as free transportation with the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn.

After the day on the slopes you cannot miss apres ski at the Baeren: a very nice restaurant and bar with some rooms available also.

bearen andermatt restaurant tips&tricks It’s a very pleasant place where we have some rest and few beers at the bar in front of the design fireplace! Warm, cozy and very welcoming.

I’ve been there several times also for lunch and dinner and it’s awesome! You should let Francesco (the owner) advise you on the best of Guerino’s dishes (the chef). His specialties are the frog’ legs (i really like those fried with butter), the foie gras and deer (when in season). I’ve never been disappointed by his kitchen!And after a day of snowboarding, there’s nothing better than being pampered by very good food, wine and the kindness of a nice restaurant!

baren restaurant andermatt switzerland

Andermatt remains one of my fav winter destination!

You can find usefull information about the town, events and the changes that are involving the destination on the making of Andermatt website.

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