Glastonbury Festival 2013: It’s time for a new adventure

I’m still not used to the idea that I realized my dream to visit Patagonia…and it’s already time that another dream come true!

This one is mostly connected with my music passion rather than travels, even if a trip is involved too.

Since about 7 years ago (when i first registered my name on their database) every September I receive an alert which reminds me the opening of the ticket sale in one month.

Year after year I attempted to book a ticket for this event, checking the registration and the bank account couple of days before the sale, setting up fake IPs to be connected as a UK resident, being ready behind the mac when the sale opens, compulsively refreshing the pages for couple of hours. But in the end NOTHING. Even this year all the ticket was sold out in 1 hours and 40 and as usual when the line up was still unknown!

The biggest music festival (for sure in England, but for me ever!), the place to be, the dream of a whole life… i’m obviously talking about: Continue reading