Travel storytelling: how to combine discovering and writing

Every time I start a new trip I always promise myself to daily (almost) update my adventure on the blog. The travel storytelling should be the aim of every travel blogger in the end.
I usually travel with my mac or at least with some of my devices to achieve the goal, but as you can see I usually fail the aim and all I’ve got in the end is some pics on Instagram and some updates on Everplaces.

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Argentinian Chronicles: Puerto Iguazù Falls and the power of the water

puerto iguazu waterfalls misiones cataratas

Puerto Iguazù (18-20)

1338 km from Buenos Aires

Travel agency: Caracol International

After the summer in Buenos Aires, the winter in Tierra del Fuego and the spring in Bariloche, we landed into the tropical summer in Puerto Iguazù. You’ll be impressed by the humidity you’ll find just on arriving at the airport: the typical subtropical climate (very warm in winter, very hot in summer).

20 km from the airport, located in the Misiones province, Puerto Iguazù is a very peculiar city because of it’s position by the border with Brazil and Paraguay. The explorer who found the place in the 16th Century was drawn by the noise of the water. And you can actually still hear it from several km.

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Argentinian Chronicles: EL CAMINO DE LOS 7 LAGOS / From Rio Negro to Neuquèn province

7 lakes road rio negro patagonia argentina

If you’re looking for a good way to start the new year, I think driving 400 km of lakes and beautiful valleys is an idea!

So after desperately looking for a car to rent on the afternoon of 31st December (apparently all the cars in Bariloche wre already rented that day), we found the last one. So we had our new year’s eve dinner without any cares!

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Snowboarding day in Andermatt

I’ve never been in a snowy place like Andermatt!

The first time I’ve been there was Christmas 2011: it snowed so much during the week that I was only able to go the slopes 2 or 3 days as there was too much snow for my low snowboarding level..well I like snowboarding but i’m a bit lazy so I prefer not to run the risk of being stuck in the middle of nowhere covered with snow till the bellybutton!

There was so many snow that i couldn’t stop to take photos of it all:

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