Argentinian Chronicles: El Calafate – travelling Patagonia / Provincia de Santa cruz

el calafate santa cruz patagonia argentina

El Calafate (days 10-13)

2.761 km from Buenos Aires

Travel agencies: Huellas del Sur

You can reach the city by flying to the city airport, by bus or car (follow the Ruta 40)

When you arrive in the city you can’t avoid to say a big WOW: you’ll be in front of one of the biggest lakes of South America (Argentino Lake)… and it’s really impressive! I mean, I grew up in a town 70% surrounded by the sea. And now I live in Switzerland where you cann0t really miss lakes, but i had never seen such a big lake, so colourful and quiet.

El Calafate is a pretty town with the usual main road with nice little houses and lots of bar, restaurants and tourist shops.

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