Glastonbury Festival 2013: an app to not get lost!

The gates are officially opened now! You’re almost there, ready to have fun.

But how can you make sure not to miss your fav artists and find where you’ve camped with about 70 stages, however many tents, 150,000 people, a site the size of 550 football pitches, and after a few beers?

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Glastonbury Festival 2013: Getting there from abroad

Oh my God…and now how I can get to Glastonbury from abroad???

Glastonbury is a very small town in Somerset, 30 miles south of Bristol. I wouldn’t be really surprised to find it in the middle of nowhere!

It could be the perfect door to Cornwall, which is definitely a place in my bucket list. I’ve been to England so many times, I also lived there for a while visiting so many places. But for some odd reason I’ve never been able to go to Cornwall, despite all my efforts! And apparently this will not be the moment even! Next time, maybe.

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