Argentinian Chronicles: back to Buenos Aires (infographics)

Argentinian Chronicles are back! It’s been a while since my last post…actually I had to set up a bit my life in a non nomadic way: job, city, mood swap!

But I kept on traveling for small trip, especially mountains of course…it’s winter sports time! 

Anyway, I just realized I didn’t write a proper post about Buenos Aires (except from this). And it’s been very surprising! The occasion for this epiphany has been the planning for my next trip: Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Punta del Est for a very special occasion: friends’ wedding!

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Argentinian Chronicles: EL CAMINO DE LOS 7 LAGOS / From Rio Negro to Neuquèn province

7 lakes road rio negro patagonia argentina

If you’re looking for a good way to start the new year, I think driving 400 km of lakes and beautiful valleys is an idea!

So after desperately looking for a car to rent on the afternoon of 31st December (apparently all the cars in Bariloche wre already rented that day), we found the last one. So we had our new year’s eve dinner without any cares!

The next day, after collecting the car, we started our route to el camino de los siete lagos patagonia argentina Continue reading

Argentinian Chronicles: San Carlos de Bariloche – heading north / Provincia de Rio Negro

bariloche rio negro patagonia

San Carlos de Bariloche (days 14-17)

1574 km from Buenos Aires

Travel agency: Bariloche Select 

13 km from the airport, Bariloche is just about 70 km from the pacific ocean (vs the 1500 from the Atlantic) with stronger connections to Chile than the distant city of Buenos Aires. It takes its name from the Mapuche language (the indigenous people) meaning “people who live behind the mountain” being situated surrounded by the mountains, with one side overlooking the massive Nahuel Huapí lake. This peculiar position gives to Bariloche unique climatic condition, allowing snow over the mountains during the winter.

That’s why Bariloche is one of the most important ski resorts of the South America and it has also been inhabited by middle europeans such as Austrians, Germans and even the Swiss (there still a Colonia Suiza a few km from the city centre) over the centuries and now the city is well known as the Argentinian Swiss!

Before travelling to Bariloche I had been fascinated by an article about the Huemul project: the secret project of a German/Austrian scientist who in the 50s convinced Peron that he could produce nuclear energy in some strange way, different from the others. The project was very expensive but it has never been finished and now the Huemul island has been abandoned with all its facilities, mysteries and secrets! Unfortunately it’s not possible to reach the island unless you know someone with a boat around there!

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How to plan your travel to Argentina

Argentinian backpack

Argentina is vast, impressive and unforgettable. Everytime you think you’ve seen the most amazing thing ever, you’ll find another even better surprise: different landscapes, territories, towns, animals, and wonders of nature at almost every corner.

Do you like penguins? don’t miss the Peninsula Valdes (Province of Chubut). Are you amazed by massive pieces of ice? Perito Moreno is what you’re looking for (Provincia de Santa Cruz). Are you feeling incomplete without skiing at the end of the world once in the lifetime? Then the Tierra del Fuego is the place for you. Is water your element? You couldn’t have enough of it at Puerto Iguazù.

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