Argentinian Chronicles: back to Buenos Aires (infographics)

Argentinian Chronicles are back! It’s been a while since my last post…actually I had to set up a bit my life in a non nomadic way: job, city, mood swap!

But I kept on traveling for small trip, especially mountains of course…it’s winter sports time! 

Anyway, I just realized I didn’t write a proper post about Buenos Aires (except from this). And it’s been very surprising! The occasion for this epiphany has been the planning for my next trip: Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Punta del Est for a very special occasion: friends’ wedding!

 So BUENOS AIRES, here I come! Continue reading

Italian Food: How to prepare STUFFED PEACHES

Something I would like to immediately report from my anniversary trip in Turin is surely about food. Italian food is awesome quite everywhere. But if I have to rank my personal regional chart about food, these would surely be the top 5:

  1. Sicily (well, a bit biased I have to reckon)
  2. Piedmont
  3. Emilia Romagna
  4. Liguria
  5. Tuscany

The selection criteria of this very personal ranking are the following:

  • variety of cuisine
  • number of amazing dishes
  • quality of food

So here we have a very easy recipe to prepare one of the most famous Piedmont dessert. (Actually it’s also one of the fav of my half piemontese LoveOfTheHeart):  italian food: stuffed peaches a dessert from piedmont

This should be the result of this very typical italian food (pic).

How to prepare Sushi Rice / Japanese Food

I’ve never been to Japan. But it’s in my top 5 places to visit asap, now that Argentina has been ticked.

I’ve always had a deep adoration for Japanese culture so I started to read about customs and habits and now I appreciate not only sushi but also various other dishes.

Anyway not having had the chance to visit the country yet, my experience is just focused on what the Japanese kitchen means for Europeans. So I’m not sure if what I’m eating can be considered as authentic cooking, but I like it anyway. And I like to cook it by myself also!

After several attempts I’ve improved my skills on cooking sushi rice (half of a successful sushi). This is my recipe:

  sushi rice recipe infographics

This rice must be consumed within 24 hours and it is suitable for all types of sushi (maki, nigiri, chirasi, temaki, gunkan) or sashimi.

And this has been the result:

Sushi rice recipe