Italian Food: How to prepare STUFFED PEACHES

Something I would like to immediately report from my anniversary trip in Turin is surely about food. Italian food is awesome quite everywhere. But if I have to rank my personal regional chart about food, these would surely be the top 5:

  1. Sicily (well, a bit biased I have to reckon)
  2. Piedmont
  3. Emilia Romagna
  4. Liguria
  5. Tuscany

The selection criteria of this very personal ranking are the following:

  • variety of cuisine
  • number of amazing dishes
  • quality of food

So here we have a very easy recipe to prepare one of the most famous Piedmont dessert. (Actually it’s also one of the fav of my half piemontese LoveOfTheHeart):¬† italian food: stuffed peaches a dessert from piedmont

This should be the result of this very typical italian food (pic).