Argentinian chronicles: the beginning

argentina buenos aires boca

There’s more than tango, Maradona, polo, empanadas and asado.

When you’re on a long trip, after the first shy moments, you would probably start to chat with people around you, sharing experiences and travel tips.

The first questions (after the weather, almost every chat with a stranger usually starts with weather complaints) an argentinian will surely ask are: why are you in Argentina and why you choose Argentina as a destination, while looking at you with an inquisitive face like “how did she know where Argentina is?” as if we were talking about the Lost island.

They perfectly know how beautiful the country is and how many interesting things there are (as they will usually point out later, from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia or Iguazù) but they still consider a bit strange when someone faces such a long trip to go there! I don’t think an italian would ever ask you why are you visiting Italy…we already know it!

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London Rock’n’Roll walking tour

London tips

There is no other place like London, for better and for worse. That’s why i usually come back there at least two times in a year.

This August I was there for a whole week for a very special occasion (Blur @ Hyde Park) having the time to enjoy the city beyond the usual routes (music shopping, thai food and markets). So i’ve decided to explore some places linked with the music. Starting with a google research, it’s easy to imagine how many places in London can be linked with music in some way.

This is the walking tour i’ve built based on my tastes and heroes, which will give you the opportunity to discover unusual areas of the city. I’ll keep on updating the map in the next visits.

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