Argentinian Chronicles: Ushuaia, the end of the world / Provincia Tierra del fuego

Ushuaia Tierra Del Fuego Patagonia Argentina

Ushuaia (days 6-9)

2.370 km from Buenos Aires

Travel agencies: Canal fun

If there’s a place that has always tickled my curiosity, it is Ushuaia – the end of the world 

How does it feel knowing that in just 2 sailing days (depending on the weather conditions) you can be at the South Pole? And what about looking at the horizon and realizing that behind the mountain there will only be Antarctic ice?

That’s what you’re going to experience once in Ushuaia.

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How to plan your travel to Argentina

Argentinian backpack

Argentina is vast, impressive and unforgettable. Everytime you think you’ve seen the most amazing thing ever, you’ll find another even better surprise: different landscapes, territories, towns, animals, and wonders of nature at almost every corner.

Do you like penguins? don’t miss the Peninsula Valdes (Province of Chubut). Are you amazed by massive pieces of ice? Perito Moreno is what you’re looking for (Provincia de Santa Cruz). Are you feeling incomplete without skiing at the end of the world once in the lifetime? Then the Tierra del Fuego is the place for you. Is water your element? You couldn’t have enough of it at Puerto Iguazù.

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