Travel storytelling: how to combine discovering and writing

Every time I start a new trip I always promise myself to daily (almost) update my adventure on the blog. The travel storytelling should be the aim of every travel blogger in the end.
I usually travel with my mac or at least with some of my devices to achieve the goal, but as you can see I usually fail the aim and all I’ve got in the end is some pics on Instagram and some updates on Everplaces.

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Then when I come back home I swear to immediately start to write to avoid to loose the feeling. But then the job and the life always take over and the days pass by.

That’s probably why i will never be a proper travel blogger 🙂

Maybe in my mind it’s like those people who think that a pic can steal the soul, so if I write about a trip then I’ll lost the feeling… yeah I’m a complicated person.

Anyway in the next days we’ll have the following post (in a random order):

– How to survive to an amazing trip to Panama (tips and trick to be able to take the flight back)

– Anniversary in Turin (all I need is love)

– Planning a new trip to South America (love & SA is all I need)

– Opening the snowing season in Italy (Switzerland has to wait this year)

– Christmas in Sicily (…ok i’m moving forward too fast)

So stay tuned and we’ll see what we’ll get.

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