Travel the world in a belly

It’s been a while since my last post and actually, little sweetheart still in my belly, you’ve been on more fights than mummy in her first 18th. You’re traveling so much while in m belly.Time square New York


Our first time in New York, which of course will need a more extensive post rather than a recap!

(Sightseeing in Time Square)



Regent Canal London


You’ve been belly-carried in London for your “first” visit of the city, discovering new amazing spots in east London and more.

(technical trials on the Regents Canal)


And what about your first sniff to our amazing sicilian sea?  Trapani Sicily (Torre di Ligny, Trapani promenade – photo courtesy of my brother in law)

Not to mention the gigs you already attended in just 7 months before to come out, which include a double gig of Noel Gallagher, one at the O2Arena in our beloved London town!

Now for a little bit, we’ve to stay quiet and no flights are allowed after the 27th week, blimey! But I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun…maybe it’s finally time to develop the (re)discovering Milan session!

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